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December 2, 2012
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Laufey by Syrkell Laufey by Syrkell
Laufey @ iconsyrkell:

Et voilà la maman de Loki, Laufey, qui tient une très grande place dans le roman sur lequel je suis en train de plancher avec acharnement XD... J'aime bien ce perso, les Edda nous donnent très peu de renseignements sur elle, du coup, j'ai pu broder je me suis dit que Loki ne pouvait pas avoir le caractère qu'il a sans une mère un peu particulière lol

Je me permets de rappeler (puisqu'on m'en a fait la remarque) que je traite bien du mythe nordique que j'adapte selon ma vision, il ne s'agit pas de l'univers de Marvel qui a fait le choix de faire de Laufey le père de Loki alors qu'il s'agissait en réalité de Farbauti...qui était bien un géant de Givre par contre ^^ Bref, chacun sa sauce de glace quoi ^^

And now the mother of Loki, Laufey, who holds a very important place in the novel that I'm writing ... XD I like this character, the Edda gives us very little information on her, so, I can imagine a lot of things about her... and I told to myself that Loki could not have the character that he has without a little bit special mother lol

I have to say (since some people have noticed) I treat of Norse myth that I adapt to my vision, it is not the Marvel universe who has chosen to make Laufey Loki's father when his father was actually Farbauti ... that was indeed a giant from Jötunheim ^ ^
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Since he's referred by a matronymic way more often than by way of his father in the old texts, one may suspect that his mom was kind of influential on everyone's favorite trolltastic trickster...
Oh i completely agree !
thank you so much ! 
BlackKiba May 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
beautiful Laufey ^^
and finally in the right gender!!! :D
The right gender, yes ! ^^

thank you so much !! ^^
this is gorgeous!!!!!! and i think the 1 of the only two pic in whole of deviantart that depicts Laufey's corrrect gender
so definietly a like like
what is the novels name that u r writing and if u dont mind me asking r u gonna put it online?
Oh thank you so much !! ^^

It's one of my novel but it's in french...
really!!!!!!! i actually knw a little bit of french... not to great though, what exactly is the novel about if u dont mind my asking?
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